New Projects: Forever 21 and AT&T

It's been a couple of weeks now but I've been busy editing several promotional social media contents for Forever 21 and AT&T.  In the beginning of my career, it was always breaking my rhythm when I work on very different genres simultaneously but now it almost feels better to mix it up the genres/types of videos I edit. Narratives are always my passion and love but these types of videos are actually pretty fun to edit as well. I should be able to share these videos pretty soon. Stay tuned!

Cool posters for Motel and Daddy

I love posters and it's always cool to see great posters for the films I've worked on. 

New Project: Like (Comedy)

I'm editing a comedy short film called "Like", directed by Hidde de Vries. Once in a while, I get a project that I really wanna edit it myself and this is definitely one of them. While editing version 1 of the cut, I had several LOL moments, too. This is the response I got from the director from version 1. This kind of responses really make me proud being an editor and makes my day. You can see my response, too. :D