New Project: Like (Comedy)

I'm editing a comedy short film called "Like", directed by Hidde de Vries. Once in a while, I get a project that I really wanna edit it myself and this is definitely one of them. While editing version 1 of the cut, I had several LOL moments, too. This is the response I got from the director from version 1. This kind of responses really make me proud being an editor and makes my day. You can see my response, too. :D

The Brown Box (Short)

I recently finished editing this short drama film. Directed by Tim B. Gantner, tells the story of a guy who has to deal with a loss of his girlfriend. I love editing these short films! Enjoy!

Road To Utah (유타 가는 길) Stills

Just wanted to share some of the stills from a Korean feature film I edited a few years ago which was an official selection of 2016 Busan Int'l Film Festival. The film stars Jin Uk Lee and Hye Young Ryu and directed by JJ Kim. It's a beautiful piece of drama with touch of comedy but deals with some serious human emotions. Can wait for this film to be released in the U.S.