I started editing since 2006 for my own projects I directed, but over the years, editing slowly grew into something that I really love and enjoy. One of my priorities in editing is to make the whole process as creative and enjoyable as possible. Editing shouldn't be stressful nor discouraging. There should be constant communication between client and editor so that everyone is on the same page and direction. And I'm here to provide that for my clients.  My goal as an editor is simple. To make the film better than it was meant to be. I edit because I love it.


Whether it's 1080p, 4K,5K or even 6K footage, I can work with any and all camera formats and resolutions without down converting. Syncing sound and organizing scenes for editing is very important process for me to look at all the dailies and get familiar with them. After the initial assembly cut, I do several passes focusing on a few key elements. Story, pacing, continuity, performance, and the quality of shots. It is very important to me that all these elements are equally strong and not one thing over powering another. Once the first cut is ready, the clients receive a link to a password protected page where all versions will be available to watch and download. 

Eric was recently the editor on one of my films. My first time working with him. It won’t be the last. He was rock solid, going above and beyond what was required of him time and time again. It was a great collaborative process and I’d highly recommend him to others.
— Peter Dukes, Director of Escape Room


Once we have a picture lock, I prepare log RAW footage XML for a colorist (DaVinci Resolve) and AAF for a sound designer (ProTools). Every colorists and sound designers have their own preferences and I make sure I deliver whatever they need for the smooth transition to color and sound. Once the final color and sound stems are received then I create final masters for the clients needs in full resolution ProRes4444 and 1080p h.264 compression. 

 Frequently used softwares and cameras.

Frequently used softwares and cameras.


I use and highly recommend Final Cut Pro X for editing. But if needed, I can also bring your projects from Premiere or Avid into Final Cut Pro X. Other softwares I frequently use are Compressor, DaVinci Resolve, Red Cine-X Pro, X2Pro Audio Convert, Sync-N-Link X and 7toX for Final Cut Pro. At the end of the day, softwares are just the tools in order to achieve what I want.


My rates are flexible depending on your budget and scale of the project. No projects are too small or too big. I can work with either flat rate for a project or an hourly/daily rate. Please contact me to discuss your project. I look forward to work with you.

I really enjoyed working with Eric. He was very detailed oriented and communication was always great. Quick turn around time, very into his craft and superceded my expectations.
— Ernest Dukes, Producer of The Assist